Sunday, December 11, 2011


...the patriarch may have been correct. Only cut his prediction in half, and here we are.

Although we still have a pantry full of cookie-making supplies, and 14 days until Christmas (and a mere 9 days until Hanukkah!!), we are bowing out unless the inrpiration seizes us (as it very well might).

We have loved making cookies, but it has been difficult during the nights when Suzannah has two tutoring appointments after school and Sicily has catching lessons and we all come back together at nine. Somehow, baking cookies is not what we are looking forward to most at that hour, and we would like this to be about doing things that make us joyful, not dutifully completing onerous tasks.

Plus, honestly, all these cookies are making Suzannah feel a little buttered out. Our two week total was on pace to be as follows:

six pounds of butter
32 ounces of bittersweet chocolate
20 ounces of white chocolate
32 ounces of unsweetened chocolate
six pounds of sugar
six pounds of flour
two pounds of oats
four cups of nuts (various)
one dozen eggs

Plus assorted other ingredients (vanilla, cranberries, honey, etc). Yum, but after a fashion....meh. A bit much.


We will bake again. Probably on weekends. Maybe even a couple different cookies each day. We may show up at your door with a batch. But, for now, we are on daily cookie-baking hiatus.

We are set for a while; we have several dozen cookies still.

But Santa will need his cookies, and fudge must be made at least once.

So stay tuned.

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