Friday, December 2, 2011

Day Two

Today is the second day of our 25 Days of Christmas Cookies fun! Today we are doing Glittering Lemon Sandwiches.

Might I say before the photos begin and the mmmmmms can be heard around, there were some problems that occurred during our baking experience. First off, one of the bakers (who shall remain nameless, as this is a joint effort, and in the spirit of the season, there will be no throwing under the bus this month) put two tablespoons of corn syrup in the batter when it only calls for corn syrup in the frosting. That made our cookies spread in the oven (again!):

Also, we had no sanding sugar to make our cookies sparkly; if you have no sanding sugar either, you can use regular sugar. If you want to make it colorful, put 1-2 drops of food coloring in a bag with the sugar and shake until evenly coated. We just used plain sugar:

Our third and final problem was while we were zesting the lemon. Our zester was not providing a zest, so we did the best we could with the zester for the cookie batter (the recipe called for 2 tablespoons of zest, which is same as the zest of two lemons),  then when it called for the zest of a lemon in the frosting, we peeled the zest (not the pith though, the white part under the yellow of a lemon) and chopped it up:

And ended up with this:

These cookies took much time and effort but in the end the final product was stounding:

These cookies had the perfect amount of lemon in them, a faint whisper of citrus, while the frosting balanced it out with the blatant presence of lemon; they combined together to create an artistic production which we shall taste forever (obviously because they made about twenty and we make cookies every day!).

Unexpected delicious adult pairing: Yuengling beer, ice cold, or a lovely hefeweizen. YUM.

We have used almost a pound of butter, and it is only the second day. We will be providing daily updates on our use of butter, so prepare yourself!

Next up: Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti


  1. I think my cooking video inspired you!

  2. Indeed! We forgot to put in on your computer to share with the world, though...